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my morning routine:

  • wake up 
  1. flawless

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A gentleman’s thoughts:


Do not allow people to mispronounce your name.

Name: Shahrazad
Birthday: 28th Sept 🎉
Favorite color: Rose Gold 🌹💛
Lucky number: 8
Height: 5’2
Talents: Make up and henna 💄
Last dream you remember: Funnily enough, I can’t remember my dreams 💭
Can you juggle: Only with two objects
Art/sports/both: Art definitely 🎨
Do you like writing: Only when I’m in the mood otherwise not really ✏️
Do you like dancing: Of course 💃
Do you like singing: Sort of but I can’t hit high notes to safe my life 🎼
Dream vacation:Somewhere where there’s lots of sunshine ☀️

Dream guy/gal: My BFFL (my best friend for life), someone who can read my face when I need a wee 😝 without having to tell him ☺️💏/>

Dream wedding: Everything I want without having to sacrifice something because of lack of money and for all my loved ones to be there, inShaAllah 🙌👰
Dream pet:Tea cup cats they are so cute coz they are tiny 😍🐱
Dream job: Making shit loads of money and mainly working abroad seeing different places ✈️💰
Favorite album:Beyonce
Least favorite song: -
Least favorite album: -
Least favorite artist: -
Guys/girls/both/other: Duh! Guys!
Hair color: Brunette 🙇
Eye color: Brown/Hazel 👀
Humorous/serious: 50/50 
Taller/shorter: Taller 🚶

Biggest turn-offs:Arrogant, Stuck-up, bad hygiene, bad sense of style👎

Biggest turn-on:well groomed, nicely dressed, gorgeous cologne, nice hands and smile, sense of humour, caring and affectionate 👍

I tag anyone who sees this, have fun!😊Thanks for tagging me @lovechildfromthe90s 💋
‎A D N O W Z ☺️

A - I am indeed ☺️

D- I had lemonade 🍋

N- I have 4 siblings 👫👫

O - I wish for my longtime crush to actually like me back 😔

W- I would marry Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow from Game of Thrones 💏 (he’s too gorgeous 😍)

Z- I’m a Libra ♎️

Thanks! 😊