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Eid Mubarak my beauts, have a merry one! 💋

A Somali man walks through Hamar Weyne market in Mogadishu Somalia during Ramadan
A little something by moi 😊 #lastnight #gettingreadyforeid #eid2014 #cantwait #henna #mendhi

If you support Israel please unfollow me


Correction: If you support Israel, first, go fuck yourself, second, go out there and memorize all the names of innocent Palestinian men, women and children Israel has murdered in cold blood just in the last 72 hours. See their names. Look at pictures of their mutilated corpses. Try to feel a human emotion for once in your fucking life. 

Then unfollow me

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versace couture f/w 2014


just another thing I won’t find my name on